Safety Life Jackets

Although being on the water can provide us with much enjoyment it can also be a dangerous area. Having the necessary safety equipment can be integral to avoiding the worst case scenario. Life Jackets are also known as Inflatable PFDs are a must-have on any large or small water vessels in or on Australian waters. They come in a range of sizes and floatation levels to ensure everyone gets adequate floatation in the case of an emergency. 

What to consider when purchasing inflatable PFDs with Bias Boating

Size - Inflatable PFDs come in a range of sizes to fit the whole family, including the dog!!!

  • 5kg through to 150kg

Buoyancy rating - different PFDs have different ratings of buoyancy 

  • 50n through to 200n 
  • All buoyancy aids are approved to the 50N standard but some are designed to have a greater amount of actual buoyancy for particular uses. 70N is recommended for whitewater paddling and sports with fast running water.

Automatic or Manual inflation 

  • Not all Inflatable PFDs will inflate automatically when they hit the water, some will need to be manually inflated. It's important to be aware of where the inflation tab may be when wearing an inflatable PFD as there is no time to learn in an emergency. 


You must not wear anything over the top of your life jacket as it will interfere with how the life jacket performs and may even prevent it from inflating in an emergency.