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Harnesses & Tethers

If you’re an avid sailor, you’ll understand the importance of a high-quality boat safety harness. No matter what size your vessel is, boat safety harnesses can protect you from unpredictable weather, dangerous tasks and can act as a general precaution when completing work on deck. 

In this collection, you can shop for top of the line gear from top brands such as Wichard and Axis. 

Shop for a Top-Quality Marine Safety Harness

With a marine safety harness, you’ll be able to navigate around your vessel whilst reducing the chance of going overboard in high and rough swells, especially when sailing. If you have a larger vessel, marine safety harnesses can allow you to conduct specific tasks and procedures near the boat’s edge during rough waters. 

Each of the items in this collection feature designs and materials suitable for marine use, making them resistant to the harsh conditions expected when out on the water. 

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