Safety EPIRBs and PLBs For Sale

Epirbs & plbs

Even though being out at sea is one of the biggest joys in life, as with anything, it comes with its risks. Be sure to have the best epirbs & plbs installed so you can head out every single time with confidence. It’s also super important to check the safety requirements with your state’s governing laws. 

Get the best safety equipment with Bias Boating’s epirbs & plbs 

You’ll find that the most common emergency beacons on the market are epirbs (emergency position-indicating radio beacons) and plbs (personal locator beacons) - they both serve very important functions in the case of an emergency. 

Epirbs alert authorities when a vessel and crew are under distress - it sends to authorities the location of an entire vessel. Whereas, plbs notify authorities when an individual is overboard or in need of assistance. 

One of the major differences between these two items is the weight and size, as one is to be carried by an individual and the other is to be secured to a vessel. 

When you’re thinking about what item you need for your boating experiences, you need to think about having all areas covered. Even though a plb may seem perfectly fine for your setup they do have their limitations due to how compact they are. A plb will generally last around 24 hours, whereas an epirb generally has double the battery life. 

Check out the links below for the regulations for your state.