Rope & Cordage

Rope and Cordage are really important elements to any boating setup and you want to be sure to be purchasing the right length, diameter and strength for what you need. As they’re a high-use item you want to be sure you have durability and reliability on your side. Shop Polyester Durable Braids, Silver, UHMPE, Tools, Thimbles or VB Cord when you’re shopping with Bias Boating. 

Stock up on the high-quality Rope and Cordage with Bias Boating

When you’re shopping with us you’re shopping for some of the best brands and quality on the market. We pride ourselves on offering our customers great options for great prices. We stock some of the most well-known brands when it comes to Rope and Cordage - you can find anything from IRB to Burke. 

Securing your vessel is a must, so make sure you do it with a product that won’t need replacing shortly after. We have reviews on our products so you can weigh up the options to make sure what you choose is right for you. 

We do our best to offer our customers the best range of boating equipment available. We know that it’s important to shop for all your boating needs so you can get back on the water asap. If we don’t have what you’re looking for it’s always worth contacting us to see what we can do for you.