Antifouling Paint

Tinkering on your boat and performing maintenance is often an enjoyable task, except when it comes to antifouling the hull. Despite being a tedious (and often avoided) task for boat owners, antifouling is necessary maintenance that will safeguard your boat's longevity while improving its speed and fuel efficiency. 

Antifouling paint is used to prevent the build-up of marine organisms, such as slime, algae, mussels, and barnacles on the bottom of your boat. If they are left to grow on their own, you will often end up with an entire ecosystem living underneath your boat, slowly growing into moving parts and openings that can cause frustrating, and at times expensive, damage. Not only that, but the growth of algae can impact the performance of your hull, slowing you down and reducing fuel efficiency. 

Select from a range of Antifouling Paint for Boats 

At Bias Boating, we stock a wide range of the best antifouling paint options for all vessel types. Depending on your boat, select from options like:

Most of these can be used on fibreglass, wood and primed underwater metals. If you intend to use it on aluminium surfaces, select one specifically made for that material to avoid corrosion. 

Realistically, antifouling paint should be reapplied every six to 15 months depending on how often you use your boat, where it is stored, and the marine environmental conditions. 

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We know it's not a fun job, but following a strict antifouling regime can help protect your boat for years to come. If you have any questions or can't find the product you're after, call the team at Bias Boating, and we will be happy to assist.