Fish Finders GPS Navigation

As we all know fish can be elusive creatures and are hard to find on the best of days. But gone are the days of wasting time, fuel and energy looking for a fish and not getting a bite. Get the upper hand right from the start with a fish finder from our wide range of industry favourite. 

Purchasing A Fish Finder with Bias Boating

Built for anglers who want to stay ahead of the game, fish finders are undeniably a vital piece of equipment in any good boating setup.

Fish Finders use underwater sonar to project a sound below the boat. As the sound bounces off objects below it is reflected back to the device. The time it takes to return is measured and projected through the device to give you an accurate reading of water depth, vegetation of the underwater surface and most importantly, exactly where the fish are. 

No matter what your budget is we stock a range of fish finders for both the high and low end of the scale. 

Spend more time going straight to the fish and getting the lines in the water with a fish finder from Bias Boating.

We stock such brands as Lowrance and Raymarine, if you’re after something super specific and you can’t find it online, be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.