Boat Anchors

From sand and compact anchors to more heavy-duty plough options and sea anchors, shop online with Bias Boating and have the anchor or anchor kit you need delivered straight to your door. 

Choosing the right Boat Anchor

Most boating professionals recommend having two anchors on board your craft to cater for a range of seabeds and situations. When choosing a suitable anchor, take some time to consider what kind of boating you’ll be doing. The anchor needed for a casual fish down the local river is a bit different from the one you’ll need for sport fishing or diving in the big blue. 

We’ve put together a quick guide on anchor types available below. 

  • Folding anchors are compact, easy to fold away and great for kayaks and small tenders. 
  • Plough anchors are ideal for anchoring a heavier craft in sand or mud. 
  • Reef anchors offer versatile, easy to retrieve designs with galvanised protection for use in reefs. 
  • Sand anchors are a simple option for small boats on sandy or muddy seabeds. 
  • Rocna anchors offer excellent holding power and easy retrieval across a range of sea beds. 
  • Sarca anchors provide a high holding power, self-righting their position and gaining deeper seabed penetration. 
  • Slip ring anchors are another form of sand anchor that are easy to retrieve in case of a snag. 
  • Sea anchors are a must-have compact option, where the bag and chute work as a brake to reduce drift in open water. 

Stock up on all of your boating needs

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