Boat Seat Suspension

Having the right suspension installed is going to see that you have a smoother ride when you’re on the water, not to mention, your joints and body will be thanking you for it in the years to come. Kit out your seating with high-grade suspension so you’re on the water with the best support every single time. 

Find the best Suspension for your needs with Bias Boating 

Suspension in any form of transportation is important, even if it’s the one beneath your behind. When you’ve got precious cargo on board (your behind, obviously) be sure to have the right support to see when you’re up against any type of conditions you’re able to do it comfortably. 

Finding the right suspension for you and your boat takes a little brainpower, you want to be sure to check that you’ve thought about the following: 

  • Does the suspension fit your seating a pedestal setup? 
  • Does the suspension support your weight and load?
  • Can you install the product yourself or do you need to hire someone?

Most of our products offer an extended warranty as they’re high-grade items that feature some of the best manufacturing you’ll find on the market. Purchasing a product with a great warranty will see that if anything were to be faulty you can replace it without a worry. 

We stock brands such as Shark and Showwave, but if you’re after something specific and you can’t find it online feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.