Folding Deck Chair Seats

Have you got an extra passenger aboard but don't have a place for them to sit? A folding deck chair may be your answer. They’re portable so you can chuck it in when you need it - it's the best versatile option for seating in your boat.

Bias Boating has a wide range of Folding Deck Chair Seats

Make sure your extra passenger is comfortable while boating with you - always pack your folding deck chair for your boat. Made with Durability and comfort in mind, folding deck chairs mean that you or your passengers don't have to be uncomfortable while out on the water.

Haven't got a boat? No problem! The beauty of the folding deck chair is that it's portable. Set it up on a dock or wharf for your days fishing.

Durability on the foldable deck chair comes from the UV stabilized marine-grade vinyl and a rugged alloy frame to withstand long days in the sun and around salt or freshwater. Let's be honest, fishing can be dirty and smelly but with marine grade vinyl, you can wipe off any dirt, salt, fish blood or oils with ease, meaning you can spend more time fishing and less time worrying.

If you’re after something super specific and you can’t find it online with Bias Boating, be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.