Boat Shell Seats

When you’re looking for the best Boat Shell Seats, you can find a range of products and accessories to elevate your boating experience no matter the requirements when shopping with Bias Boating. Whether you want to leave the shell as is or add upholstery or cushions, you can find all the material you’ll need to replace or upgrade your seating

Purchase a range of Boat Seat Shells with Bias Boating

When you’re wanting a versatile item for your seating experience, you can’t go past a Boat Seat Shell. Having a stripped back version allows you the flexibility and freedom to upholster as you please.  

When you’re looking for a Boat Seat Shell, what do you need to look for? 

  • What’s the seat made out of: you want to be sure the material of the product is going to be compatible with boating conditions: water and sun. Purchasing a seat shell from Ikea may not cut it. 
  • Size: will your seat shell fit in the helm area comfortably? You need to ensure you have enough room in your helm for standing and roaming, this also goes for the rest of the boat if you don’t intend for the Boat Seat Shell to be installed in the helm. 
  • Compatibility: will your seat shell be compatible with your suspension or pedestal? It’s important to ensure that your seating system all works together seamlessly. 

Our aim is to provide a wide range of stock for our customers, if you’re looking for something super specific and you can’t find it on our online store, be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.