Boat Helm Seats

You might find this surprising, but the helm seat is one of the biggest trouble areas (predominantly in sporting boats), so getting it right definitely is a go when you’re looking at either upgrading, replacing or installing. 

You can shop a wide range of helm seats with Bias Boating 

When you’re planning on being on the water for long periods of time you definitely want to be comfortable, especially if you’re expected to be parked up front driving the boat. Here are some of the areas you need to look out for when purchasing a helm seat:

  • You want the seat to fit and accommodate your size and weight comfortably. There’s nothing worse than having a seat too high, short or too tight. Most of the products on our online store have the dimensions listed - if you have any concerns be sure to contact us
  • Ventilation and aeration - a seat that has a good design also features an element of ventilation. Being sweaty on a warm summer’s day is a given, so having a product that won’t get too sticky or hot really is a big benefit. 
  • There is adequate clearance so you can stand comfortably. Some seats feature a fold away section - this allows more room for standing and movement while the seat isn’t in use. 
  • Finding a Helm Seat that fits your boat correctly - you don’t want to crowd the helm too much. 
  • Be sure to find a product that has a high UV protection cover - the sun causes the most corrosion when it comes to synthetic materials, so be sure to find a helm seat that’s going to stand well against mother nature.