Safety Life Jackets Level 150 For Sale

If you’re wondering what safety life jackets level 150 is best suited for, you’ve come to the right place. A level 150 is suited for open water, off-shore deep water and coastal waters on commercial grade vessels. This level of buoyancy offers a 50% higher chance of survival in open waters - as we all know, the sea can be extremely unpredictable.

Get the best Safety Life Jackets Level 150 with Bias Boating

If you’re planning on being out at open sea and you want to ensure you have the best safety equipment, you can’t go past a level 150 Safety Life Jacket. It is also a legal requirement that all vessels are kitted out with the appropriate safety gear while they’re out at sea.

Our safety life jackets level 150 are approved for commercial vessel use and meet all the safety standards nationally. It’s important to note that different states have different regulations and requirements when it comes to water safety.

Our level 150 jackets feature a pealess whistle, reflective tape, light attachment point and a securing strap. Our jackets are suited for persons 40kg and up.

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