Distress Flares are a safety requirement to help communicate to other boats or authorities that you need assistance or help in an emergency. Flares are only to be used in an emergency and it is recommended that all water vessels beyond smooth water carry distress flares to increase the chances of getting help when you may require it. 

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When you’re hitting the water be sure to check that your flares are stored correctly and are in date. Flares generally have a life span of three to four years and they must be in date to be registered as a valid safety item. In some states, there are legal requirements around distress flares, so be sure to check all the legislation to be sure you’re ticking all the right boxes.

It is highly recommended that you always read the manufacturing instructions before using a distress flare as they vary from product to product. 

Flares should always be stored in a dry place and you should always have them in a container that is suited to carry distress flares to ensure they don’t get any water on them whatsoever. Ensure that they are in an easy reach location and are labelled correctly in case of an emergency. 

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