Sea Anchors

Effectively using lures or plastics while also trying not to drift in currents surrounding reefs or winds can be quite the challenge. Using a Sea Anchor to channel water and prevent drifting could be the answer. 

Buying Sea Anchors with Bias Boating

The basic design of a sea anchor is a plastic cone shaped parachute with a hole in the middle, this design creates drag and prevents the boat from drifting around with the movement of the water or the wind. The sea anchor is also a great alternative to a normal boat anchor as sometimes you may be fishing in deep water or above flat rock where the anchor has nothing to latch onto.

Sea Anchors can also play a vital role in an emergency with their deployment not only slowing the speed of drifting so help can arrive but also acting as an anchor to keep the bow directed at the wind - preventing the boat from tipping over or rolling.  

When deciding what size sea anchor to buy, just consider the size of the anchor compared to the size of the boat. A smaller size like 504mm-510mm is designed for a boat up to 6 meters, whereas a larger 1000mm is designed for 8 meter boats.

We stock such brands as Burke, Oceansouth and Para-anchors, if you’re after a particular brand or product and you can’t find it online you can contact us to see what we can do for you.