Rod Holders

Even the best Anglers in the world only have two hands. With our range of rod holders and accessories, you can get multiple lines in the water without juggling rods and reels.

More lines in the water mean more chances of catching fish. Simple maths.

You can purchase a range of Rod Holders with Bias Boating

It's standard that most recreational boats will have a rod holder or two already manufactured into the boat, however, as we all know more lines in the water mean more chances of catching fish. We have a range of single, double, triple or even quad rod holders to maximise coverage and spread in the water. 

Rod holders aren't the most exciting accessory to buy but having your rods scattered over the deck of your boat can be menacing and even a potential safety hazard if you were to trip on one and go overboard. Declutter your boat and give every rod its very own spot with a rod holder or two from our selected range. 

We have a range to suit all needs, budgets and boat sizes - ensuring when you hit the water you’re doing it with the best equipment every single time. 

We stock some of the industry’s favourite brands, you can find Relaxn, Oceansouth, Emro, Cannon and Attwood, however if you’re after something specific and we don’t have it online feel free to contact us.