Fishing Knives

A good fishing knife goes hand in hand with a good day on the water catching fish. It’s an absolute must have accessory for recreational or commercial anglers and divers. With our wide range of products, you will be sure to find the knife that fits your needs.

Buy a new Fishing Knife with Bias Boating

We stock knives for gutting, scaling and filleting fish, as well as floating knives in case you knock it overboard. We also have a range of foldable compact knives - perfect for chucking in your pocket for when you need it. 

Be sure to consider the need for your new knife when purchasing. We have filleting specific knives or diving-specific knives - all made with unique materials to ensure they can take the demand day after day. 

Some of our products and brands come with certain warranties or guarantees. This ensures you’re going to get longevity out of your product and you won’t need to replace (unless lost) time and time again. 

Whether you’re after a serrated, smooth blade or even a knife pouch, we stock several different styles so you have the best options available. 

We have such brands as Giesser, Land & Sea and Wichard, however, if you’re after something super specific and you can’t find it online, feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.