Fishing Accessories

Looking for other bits and bobs, check out our range of miscellaneous fishing accessories. We have a wide range of items to see that you’re always stocked up on the right items when you’re out on the water trying to catch your next big fish. 

Shop Bias Boating for all your Fishing Accessories   

When it comes to buying fishing accessories you want to be sure to be buying the best products for your needs. We have a range of items to ensure your time on the water is a great one. 

We stock some of the industry’s favourite brands, you can find Cannon and Sea Horse among others that are used by professional and amateur fishers. 

If you’re looking at adding extra value to your downrigger setup you want to be doing with great quality products. A lot of the products will feature, but it’s worth noting, marine grade materials so they stand the test of time against water, salt and sun. 

We do stock single items as well as kits, making the purchasing decision easier if you’re after something that includes all the bells and whistles. 

Some of our accessories are only compatible with certain brands and products, so be sure to check the compatibility of the item before you purchase. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our online store, feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you.