Berley Buckets

Berley buckets can be the key to luring in the next big fish. Mixing up a concoction of smelly oils, bait and pellets, and throwing it in the water is a sure way to send fish into a frenzy. 

Buying Berley Buckets & Accessories with Bias Boating

No one likes getting caught out in the hot sun with zero fish biting - we’ve all been there and it’s never a good time. When you’re sunburnt and your patience is dwindling, it’s at times like this we all wished we had a berley bucket to encourage some action from below. 

Most Berley Buckets are made from UV stabilized polyethylene and can withstand plenty of long days in the sun or in saltwater. Being made out of plastic also means they are easy to clean.

Our range of Berley buckets are simple yet tough. We have large or compact sizes available and even have an option with a stainless steel mounting bracket that fixes to your transom. This ensures you don't get bait and berley mix all through your boat's marine carpet, all over the boat or all over the occupants while you are trying to fish. 

You want to ensure you’re getting the right size for your boat, not all berley buckets will be compatible with your vessel. 

If you’re looking for something super specific and we don’t have it online, feel free to contact us.