Fibreglass, Fillers & Adhesives For Sale

If you’ve sprung a leak or there’s something that needs a little touch-up, you can find the best brands and products with Bias Boating. We make sure we have the best range to suit all different materials and surfaces - ensuring every customer has a chance to find the right item. 

Get the best Fibreglass, Fillers and Adhesives with Bias Boating 

Whenever you need to fill, stick or fix something with your boat, feel confident when shopping with Bias Boating - we will likely have whatever it is you’re looking for. Shop and find anything from Epoxy Resins, Pigment Paste, Polyester Resin and Polyester Gelcoats and Flowcoats. If you’re wanting something that ticks all the boxes, you can purchase any of our Fillers and Repair Kits, making the DIY job look and feel like a professional finish. 

We stock some of the best brands you can find in the industry to ensure you’re getting the best results possible. When you’re shopping with us you’re choosing from such brands as International, Norglass, Devcon and Eazefill. These top brands will ensure reliability and longevity every single time. 

If you’re after something super specific and you can’t find it online you can contact us to see what we can do for you. We pride ourselves on stocking the best range for our customers every time they shop.