Marine Antennas

Marine antennas go hand in hand with VHF or UHF communication devices and are vital for a marine communication set up on board any recreational or commercial vessel.. 

Buying the correct Antenna for your boat with Bias Boating

Our range of Antennas and accessories means we should have everything you need to set up a high quality, reliable and durable communication system for all circumstances.

Antennas can provide vital communications when on the water. In the case of an emergency or if you need to communicate with other boat users a two way radio system becomes useless without a matching antenna to go with it.

It’s important to note that when setting up your antenna it may need to be placed in an area of the boat that doesn’t interfere with other on board equipment that uses radio noise frequency - such as transducers or fish finders. Avoid running cables together where the signal can be intervened by other equipment.

Be sure to pick the correct antenna size, we stock a range from 1.8meters all the way down to 25cm so we should have an antenna to suit the size of your vessel.  

We have such brands as Glomex and GME, if you’re after something we don’t seem to stock online be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.