Electrical and Lighting For Sale

Being able to see as well as be seen is really important when you’re out on the water. We have some of the best products when it comes to waterproof and durable items for your lighting and electrical needs. One of the biggest musts? Waterproof - you want to ensure all your lighting exterior to your vessel has a high-grade waterproof guarantee. Shop anything from Electrical Accessories, Navigation Lighting, Electrical Wire Accessories to Buss Bars & Terminal Strips

Keep the lights on with the best Electrical and Lighting systems 

Finding your way when it’s dark just got a whole lot easier. We stock high-quality brands - ensuring our customers always have the grace of illumination when they need it most. Find all the gadgets you need to elevate your boating experience and shop for such brands as Relaxn, KT Cables, Korr, Enerdrive, Hella and Jabsco

If you’re not well versed in electrical it’s best to be someone who knows a thing or two to install your products. Some DIY jobs can be done, for instance, strip lighting, but if it’s a little more advanced be sure to seek out the right help to get the job done. 

We aim to give the best products and range to our customers every single time, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.