Carpet & Headliner

If you’re looking at installing, or it’s time to replace your carpet & headliner, you can find a wide range of products here at Bias Boating. 

Adding carpet & headliner to your boat can really elevate the feel and experience of your travels. Offering a higher level of grip and comfort, it really is a feature that serves multiple functions.

We only stock the best products to cover all areas of your boating experience at unbeatable prices. Additionally, our products come in varying colours and styles, so be sure to check out the product description to ensure it’s the right product for you. 


Find the best Carpet and Headliner from Bias Boating

Carpet & headliner for boats is functional for outdoor and indoor use. Generally, these carpets are made from non absorbent polypropylene & polyester - materials that are stain resistant, rot and mildew proof, UV stabilised and 100% waterproof. Additionally, even though the material isn’t highly absorbent, it still provides a level of insulation, a great feature for the colder months and when you want to keep the inside of your boat warm.

The carpets & headliners we stock are also relatively simple to install - the materials don’t fray when they’re cut, so you’re guaranteed a clean edge. If you are unsure about installation, reach out to a qualified professional to assist. 

If you want to find out what product is best for you, contact our support team for assistance. We aim to offer the best range of products in Australia, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out to see what we can do for you.