Canopy Fittings

It’s one thing to have a boat with all the bells and whistles, it’s another thing to ensure you have all the right spares and accessories to ensure all your equipment is in the best condition. At Bias Boating, you can find a wide range of canopy fittings to ensure your canopy is secure and stable.

Under this category, you will find more than just canopy fittings, you will also find a range of accessories and products that are multifunctional for different areas of any vessel. You can shop anything from Internal Tube Ends, Life Dot Fasteners, Lashing Hooks, Turn Buttons to Webbing Snap Hooks.

Source the best Canopy Fittings at Bias Boating

All of our online products are supplied by trusted manufacturers and brands - we only stock reputable, original products. When shopping with Bias Boating, you can find industry favourites, such as Sam Allen and Oceansouth. If you have a preferred brand, you can shop their range by selecting them from the dropdown menu located in the home bar.

Our online products are made from materials that are sun, water and salt resistant, ensuring you’re getting longevity out of every single purchase.

The items in this category do have specifics attached to them - so to ensure they are compatible with your canopy and boat - be sure to check out the specifications on the product page.

If you’re having issues with finding what you're looking for, be sure to contact us to see what we can do for you.