This bundle comes with a B&G Vulcan 7-inch Chartplotter and a B&G 3G Broadband Radar. 

B&G Vulcan FS 12 Chartplotter

B&G Vulcan FS 12 chartplotters are are compact, low profile multifunction display units, with software designed specifically for sailors.

At a glance, the Vulcan FS series offers sailing specific chartplotting and navigation. Once coupled with B&G wind, compass and speed sensors, the Vulcan FS becomes a cruising and racing powerhouse. The advanced sailing features include B&Gs award winning SailSteer™, which can showcase all this important information on a dedicated screen, or can overlay it onto the chartplotter screen. Information like laylines, apparent & true wind speeds, true course speeds, as well as tracking to develop knock and lift data, is all displayed on the ultra-bright screen which can be seen through tacks, gybes and rain or rough weather. And having the Vulcan mounted up the front isn't an issue for the skippers at the back, either, as the built in WiFi module allows for screen mirroring to smart phones, and control by tablets with B&G's GoFree Application*. The WiFI module also allows the Vulcan FS to connect to the internet, allowing downloads of charts and software updates directly to the unit.  

The Vulcan FS series is also a fully functioning autopilot controller, which can use the above data to keep to waypoints and laylines suitable for sailing. With Intelligent Sail Steering and Smart Manoeuvre, sailors can sit back with confidence, knowing that their B&G Vulcan is keeping them on an optimal course for their boat. 

The Vulcan FS is a true Multi-Function Display, with capability for B&G Broadband Radars, and a range of other B&G instruments which can all be connected seamlessly through the NMEA2000 network.

New for the FS models is the capability to run a ForwardScan transducer, giving depth information before the vessel is in the shallows. The Vulcan FS, coupled with a ForwardScan Transducer, will give skippers a real-time, clear image of the water in front of the vessel, and with it, the confidence to explore poorly-charted or unfamiliar areas. 


  • Full functioning Chartplotter - with a high speed 10Hz Internal GPS antenna, waypoints, routes and tracks are plotted with pinpoint position accuracy.
  • ForwardScan Transducer Capability - Real-time, clear imagery of the water in front of the vessel, before the vessel is in it. 
  • Dedicated sail/cruise features - award Winning SailSteer and Sailing Time options all accessible via a multi-touch Sailing interface.
  • Instrument Display - the ability to display onboard instruments in single, dual and 4-way split screens.
  • Widescreen, Multi-Touch Display - with pinch to zoom and swipe to pan, the V7 is simple to operate, intuitive allowing easy navigation of screens and menu's.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi - with Wi-Fi enable and networked with B&G WIFI-1, integration with smartphones or tablets is a breeze offering you control and information anywhere on your boat
  • Smart NMEA2000 networking - integrate with Sailing Instruments, SonicHub marine audio server, ZG100 external GPS antenna and DSC VHF Marine Radio, and continuously monitor sailing data, ready for when you need.
  • AU/NZ CMAP Charts included


*For safety reasons, Autopilot & CZone functions cannot be controlled from a wireless device.


Display Size



1280 x 800

Display Type

TFT Widescreen



Power Supply

12V DC

Power Consumption

20W (1500 mA @ 13.5 V)

Operating Temperature

-15ºC to +55ºC (5ºF to +131ºF)

Waterproof Standard

IPx6, IPx7

GPS Antenna Type

10 Hz Internal


2 x microSD, Ethernet/Radar: 1 port (5 pin connector), NMEA 2000, Power, Sonar Transducer, WiFi

Waypoints/Routes/Trails Storage

50 Tracks, 500 Routes, 6000 Waypoints



B&G Broadband 3G™ Radar

B&G Broadband 3G™ Radar is a low power solid state radar gives unrivalled close-range target detection and discrimination, extremely low power consumption and InstantOn™ which provides zero warm up time enabling your radar to be ready whenever you need it. Kit includes B&G Broadband 3G™ Radar, scanner cable 20m (66'), RI10 interface box, Yellow Ethernet cable - 1.8m (6').

Main Features

  • 50m short range, perfect for navigating into unknown harbours
  • Crystal clear image of your surroundings using AUTO Harbour/Offshore modes - no manual tuning required
  • Extremely low radiation, can be mounted anywhere
  • InstantOn™ - no warm up time
  • Fast Scan mode up to 36RPM less than 2nm for rapid update of close range targets
  • Low power consumption, ideal for sailboats
  • True Motion mode - easily distinguish moving and static targets
  • 10 target MARPA and AIS vessel tracking for awareness of other vessels
  • Dual Guard Zones, EBL, VRM
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