Bow Rollers

If you spend a lot of time boating and want to make anchoring a breeze, then bow rollers may be the solution for you. A bow roller allows you to keep your anchor permanently mounted, storing it out of the way and making the process of deployment and retrieval much easier. 

Bow rollers can also help prevent scuffing from rope and chains on the boat and are often used on crafts equipped with a windlass

Choosing a Bow Roller

When selecting a bow roller for your boat, you want to ensure it is compatible with the size and style of the anchor. You also need to make sure there is plenty of space between the anchor and the boat while it is not in use to avoid causing any damage to the bow. Finally, double-check there is plenty of room for the shank to fit through the roller. 

At Bias Boating, we stock a range of bow rollers for different anchor types, including 4-inch and 6-inch options, as well as hinged and unhinged mechanisms in a range of materials. We recommend consulting the manufacturer's guidelines to avoid getting the wrong size or style. 

Bow Rollers for Boat Trailers 

We also stock replacement bow rollers for trailers. These are particularly useful for anyone that can't fully submerge their trailer when launching or are seeking a deployment method that isn't as physically demanding. The bow rollers use gravity to help guide your boat into the water, meaning you don't have to push as hard and can enjoy a much easier boat launch. 

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