Boat Hooks

When you're out on the water, there are a few must-have items you need for an epic trip. Beyond the obvious things like anchors, ropes, engines and life-jackets, nifty tools like boat hooks can prove incredibly handy, making your life easier while aboard your vessel. 

At Bias Boating, we stock a range of boat hooks, including heavy-duty, telescopic, extendable and replaceable hook heads. 

Benefits of Boat Hooks on Your Vessel 

Boat hooks are great for more than just docking and undocking your boat, with a range of benefits that help save time and reduce the chances of you falling overboard or colliding with another object. When you're out on the water, use your boat hook to:

  • Pass a rope or line to others onshore or on another boat
  • Push your boat away from banks or other potential collisions
  • Retrieve anything that has gone overboard, like buckets, hats, rubbish, debris and even people
  • Test the water depth
  • Measure fuel levels in older engines
  • Steady yourself while onboard 
  • Pick up moorings from buoys and nets
  • Push and pull your boat into a dock 
  • Put ropes onto bollards

When choosing a boat hook, ensure its length is compatible with the needs and size of your vessel and that everyone on board knows where it is stored for ease of use. 

All of your boating needs in one place

At Bias Boating, our team of experts are passionate about helping you kit out the perfect boat for your next adventure. Whether it's a casual day out along your local river, sport fishing in the deep blue or an epic diving expedition, we have the gear you need to ensure your boat is ready to handle every situation. 

Shop online for boat hooks today and have them delivered straight to your door.