Anchor Lines and Rope Kits

Below you will find Anchor Lines of the highest quality up to a length of 150 meters. Select the product and size options for the anchor rope that will suit you best.

Unless you plan on floating wherever the current takes you, it’s essential that your boat is fitted with an appropriate anchor line. At Bias Boating, we stock a wide range of anchor rope and chains to help you kit out your vessel and get onto the water sooner. 

Anchor Lines and Rope Kits for your Boat

Anchor lines, otherwise known as anchor rodes, can be made of rope, chain, or a combination of both. For casual boating, many opt for a length of nylon with an eye spice and thimble that is then shackled to a short span of chain. Not only does the chain add weight to your anchor, but it will lay flat, set the anchor for a horizontal pull, and prevent the rope from rubbing against the seabed. 

Nylon is often the preferred rope material, with polyester offered as a strong alternative. While both materials will create a heavy rope that is resistant to salt, chemicals, and abrasion, nylon is considered to have better shock absorption and strength, making it ideal for anchorage. 

Whatever rope material you opt for, it is highly recommended that your anchor line incorporates a chain for added weight and security on the water. 

How much anchor rope do you need? 

As a rule of thumb, you should aim for approximately 8 feet of rope for every 1 foot of water you will be anchoring in. Without the appropriate length, your anchor will not property set and hold, meaning you’ll spend more time trying to anchor and less time enjoying the water. 

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