New Feature! Now comes with Blue and White Dual Colour LEDs

Imagine walking down the boat ramp and being able to turn on/off and adjust brightness of your boat from 40m away, this is just one of the great new features of Korr Lightings boat light kit. These weatherproof lights provide the ideal lighting for fishing, boating, caravans etc.. They provide continuous indirect lighting around your entire boat without blinding you. Landing muddies and fish is an ease thanks to the bright white light which covers the floor, great light coverage making it safe to rig up without blinding you with direct light. Swiching to the blue LEDs is great for driving the boat as they are easy on the eyes. You get everything you need in the kit to install them. Marine Switch, Connectors and Industrial strength silicon. You simply put a little of the silicon on the back of each LED module. The silicon holds them in place until they set and they do not fall off - Very easy. The 12V LED modules come in a continuous 4 meter length. However, you can cut and extend/join very easily. Included in the kit comes some connectors which enables you to join cables or split the cables without soldering.


2 year warranty
8m kit draws only 9.6 watts / 0.8 amps per hour
with a massive light output of 1200 lumens
Provides bright even lighting around the boat
Non-direct light that doesn't blind
Can run for 12 hours without compromising the battery
Bright enough to rig up
Withstand the harsh environment
Fit into all the nooks and crannies around the boat
Durable ( No Christmas lights)
Waterproof IP68
Easy to install
SKU 8322108
Brand Korr

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