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4179   Chart Storage Container
8594   Cheek Block
8608   Cheek Block
8619   Cheek Block
1014X   Child Safety Harness - 43-76cm
B1047   Childrens PFD1
1119   Chrome And Stainless Polish 237ml
2448   Chrome Cross Bollard
2432   Chrome Plated Anti Rattle Fastener
7460   Chrome Plated Mini Cleat
1214   Chrome Raked Bollard
3640   Chromed Brass Double Joint Hasps & Staple
4264   Chromed Brass Grab Handle - 121mm
8300   Chromed Brass Spare 2 Pin Plug
2207   Chromed Bronze Taps
3113   Chromed Chainpipe - Hinged Top
3619   Chromed Flush Lift Catch
B3622   Chromed Rectangular Brass Lift Ring
5012   Chromed Towball
8311   Cigarette Extension Cord
8304   Cigarette lighter Double Adaptor
8303   Cigarette Lighter Socket to Battery Clips
8314   Cigarette Lighter Twin Socket
7516   Circuit Breaker 20 Amp
7517   Circuit Breaker 30 Amp
7514   Circuit Breaker 50 Amp
B0565   Circuit Breaker
4771   Circuit Tester
9124   Clam Cleat anodised, micro, for 1 - 6mm rope, CL268AN
9122   Clam Cleat anodised, racing junior, 1 - 6mm, CL211 MK2AN
9119   Clam Cleat, Major, for 10 to 16mm rope, CL205
B2728   Clamp on Brackets for Economy Strut
B2722   Clamp On Stem Adjusters
B3938   Clamp On Stem Adjusters
3417   Clamp On Swivel
7533   Clean & Shine Wax
B5655   Clear PVC Hose
6981HDX   CM85i with 0.6L Hydraulic Reverse Pump
6982HDX   CM85i with Linear Hydraulic Drive
6980HDX   CM85i with no drive
0623   Coax Joiner
0622   Coax Plug
7076   Cockpit Organiser
0207   Code Flags
7307   Coffee Pot
3462   Coleman 100 lumen Headlamp, CHT-10
3461   Coleman 70 lumen Headlamp, CHT-7
B1266   Composite Skin Fittings with tail
3469   Compressor 12v
3235   Contact Adhesive
B0821   Contact Cement
3789   Control Cable Clamp Kit
3790   Control End
7255   Cool White Ultrabright Slimline LED Ceiling Light
2395   Coolant Temperature Gauge - Black
9546C   Core Foot Block
4296   Cork Float Keyring
3980   Couple Mate Aligning Device
B3807   Coupling Mounting Bolts
6998X   Coursemaster CM80i Autopilot
6999X   Coursemaster CM82i Autopilot
6981X   Coursemaster CM85i Autopilot - with Standard CM840 J/Box with 0.6L Hydraulic Reverse Pump
6982X   Coursemaster CM85i Autopilot - with Standard CM840 J/Box with Linear Hydraulic Drive
6980X   Coursemaster CM85i Autopilot - with Standard CM840 J/Box with no drive
B6946x   Coursemaster CM950 Intelligent Marine Autopilot
3458B   Coxwain Deluxe High Back Seat Blue & White
3458G   Coxwain Deluxe High Back Seat Grey
4040   Crawford's Marine Atlas
S005   Crimp Connectors
S013   Crimp Connectors
S021   Crimp Connectors
0528   Crimp Tool
4772   Crimp Tool Set
0711X   Cruisetank 25 Litre Portable
0708   Cruisetank Adaptor for Fuel Level Senders
0707   Cruisetank Filler Adaptor
0715   Cruisetank Mechanical Fuel Gauge
B0702X   Cruisetanks
7079   Cruisin' Caddy
4042   Cruising Guide To Hawkesbury-Pittwater
4035   Cruising NSW Coast - Alan Lucas
4036   Cruising The Coral Coast - Alan Lucas
BFDO2920   CSI UV Blast Paint Overcoat
B5699   Cuffed Spiral Hose
3440BG   Cushion Seats - First Mate
3440G   Cushion Seats - First Mate
B1032A   Cyclone PFD3
7030D   D Size - Duracell Copper Top Alkaline Batteries (2 Pack)
B0115   D50 Level 50 PFD
8551   DC Volt Meter
3656   Deck Filler Colour Coded
4580   Deck Filler Diesel
4579   Deck Filler Petrol
4581   Deck Filler Water
4660   Deck Foot Switch - Waterproof
B5165H   Deck or Anchor Line - Silver Hanks 30m & 50m
B5165   Deck or Anchor Line - 30m & 50m Silver Coils
5701   Deck Plate - 315mm
B5329   Dee Shackle - Galvanised
B2821A   Deks Olje Timber Finish
7389   Deluxe Double Ended Canoe/Kayak Paddle
0750   Deluxe Folding Alloy Outboard Bracket
3442G   Deluxe High Back Seat Grey and Charcoal
3442B   Deluxe High Back Seat White and Blue
4404   Deluxe Snap Fastener Kit
0917   Diamond Lifeline Netting - Per Metre
2366   Diesel Tachometer - Black
2363   Digital Ammeter - Black
2362   Digital Hourmeter - Black
2392   Digital Voltmeter - Black
3228   Digitech Analog Multimeter
3227   Digitech Digital Multimeter
0649X   Digitech Hand-held VHF - 5 Watt
5476   Dimmer Switch
7576SP1   Disc Brake Pads
3961   Dished Wobble Roller Washer
0989   Dividers
B5090   Dock Lines - Black
7107   Docking Lights (Pr) White-Optron
B5059   Docking Line - Silver
B2457   Dome Light
B3663   Door Hooks
8593   Double Block, Becket, Loop Head
8618   Double Block, Becket, Swivel Head
8592   Double Block, Loop Head
8604   Double Block, Swivel Head
8617   Double Block, Swivel Head
8627   Double Block, Swivel Head
5236   Double Ended Canoe/Kayak Paddle
1265   Double Ended Polypropelene Skin Fitting
3936   Double Wobble Roller Brackets
2736   Double Wobble Roller Yoke Bracket
9602   Drain Plug. Chrome Base.
4860   Drill Powered Pump
7078   Drink Holder Plus
9138W   Drink Holder Recessed
7088   Drink Holder Value Pack
2308X   Drop In 2 Burner Gas Cook Top
2480   Dual Compact Horns
7042   Duracell Floating Lantern
7034   Duracell Tough LED SLD-1 Flashlight
7035   Duracell Tough LED SLD-10 Flashlight
7036   Duracell Tough LED SLD-100 Flashlight
0767   Duralac Anti-Corrosive Joining Paste
6563X   Dvk Gas Detector+Solenoid 12V
3823   Dyneema (Spectra) Winch Rope 1300kg 4mm x 6m
3824   Dyneema (Spectra) Winch Rope 2300kg 5mm x 6m
3825   Dyneema (Spectra) Winch Rope 3500kg 6mm
0824   Dynel Cloth
0689   Easterner Clear Bowl Fuel Filter
5497   Easy Fit LED Courtesy Lamp - Red
5496   Easy Fit LED Courtesy Lamp - White
2578   Economy 12V Portable Aerator
4573   Economy Brass Sump Pump
B2929   Economy Brush
0951   Economy Diaphragm Pumps
0952   Economy Diaphragm Pumps
5029   Economy Manual Trailer Winches 360KG
5030   Economy Manual Trailer Winches 499KG
7134   Economy Outboard Support Strut
0671   Elbow Connector
0672   Elbow Connector
6681x   Elite 4 HDI Suncover
B6688X   Elite 5 CHIRP Fish Finder / Chartplotter Combos
B6249X   Elite 5 HDI Fish Finder / Chartplotter Combos
B6686X   Elite 5X CHIRP Fish Finders
B6247X   Elite 5X HDI Fish Finders
2409   Emergency Blast Horn
4074   Emergency First Aid (Captain's Quick Guides) by Richard Clinchy
4314   Emro Surface Mount Stainless Rod Holder
3775   Engine Control
3776   Engine Control
3781   Engine Control
3782   Engine Control
2361B   Engine Hourmeter Black
2361   Engine Hourmeter White
4380   Engline Insulation - 1.41M x 1M x 25mm
2291X   Eno Drop In 3 Burner Gas Cooktop
2292X   Eno Gascogne - 2 Burner Galley Gas Stove & Oven
3302C   Epiglass Ht9000 1.3Lpack Yaa9909+Yaa910
3302A   Epiglass Ht9000 334Ml Yaa909+ Yaa910
3302D   Epiglass Ht9000 5.33L Pk Yaa909+Yaa910 Sheathing Resin
3302B   Epiglass Ht9000 667Ml Pack Yaa909+Yaa910 Epoxy Sheathing Resin
4923   Esky Live Bait Kit
0648X   ET100 Emergency Torch
B6060X   Ethernet Cables
6303   EVA foam Rope Float
6149X   Evinrude Interface Cable 4.5M
B3290X   Evo Self Tailing Sheet Winches Alloy
B3295X   Evo Self Tailing Sheet Winches
B2906   Evolution Premium Paint Brush
7497   Exhaust Waterlock / Noise Reducer
0295   EXPLORER 7 x 50 Rubber Coated Binoculars
4857   Extinguisher Storage Box - No Lid
B4013   Extra Heavy Duty Three Speed Trailer Winch.
B7756   Extra Wide Dee Shackle
S029   Eye Terminal

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Boating & RV acquires Bias Boating Stores


December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

To shop online click here!

Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.