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7473BL   Blue Tinnie Cushion 1.32m
7471BL   Blue Tinnie Cushion 1m
6322   Boat Arch Rocket Launcher
4871   Boat Cart
1103   Boat Cover Cleaner 650ml
5231   Boat Hook
5233   Boat Hook - Head Only
5230   Boat Hook - Telescopic
5240   Boat Hook - Telescopic Extra Long
5238   Boat Hook - Telescopic Heavy Duty
5239   Boat Hook - Telescopic White
4688   Boat Hook Holders
3793   Boat Hook Paddle
1100   Boat Wash And Wax 473ml
3972   Boat Wheeleze
7049   Boating First Aid Kit (126 Pieces)
4099   Boatowner's Mechanical & Electrical Manual
B1056A   Body Glove PFD Nylon Method Level 50
7135   Bolt On Bracket for Economy Strut
3943   Bolt On Trailer ClampBolt On Trailer Clamp
B7384   Bolt Through Handrail 22mm
7831   Bolt Thru Tiller Extension Swivel
6725BX   Bomar Black Poly Hatch 225 x 225mm
6728BX   Bomar Black Poly Hatch 414 x 414mm
6727BX   Bomar Black Poly Hatch 445 x 318mm
6729BX   Bomar Black Poly Hatch 489 x 489mm
B6721   Bomar Nibo Alloy Hatch
6725WX   Bomar White Poly Hatch 225 x 225mm
9022   Boom Bail 100mm Depth x 80mm Width. RF1046
9023   Boom Bail 125mm Depth x 80mm Width. RF1047
9024   Boom Bail 150mm Depth x 115mm Width. RF1048
9021   Boom Bail 80mm Depth x 65mm Width. RF1045
6374   Bow Roller - 220mm Stainless Steel
6372   Bow Roller - Aluminium Alloy
2455A   Bow Roller - Chrome
B2568   Bow Shackle - Galvanised
B5670   Braided Pressure Hose
B8407   Brass Fixed Eye Snap Hook
0685   Brass Joiner 10mm
0684   Brass Joiner 8mm
3635   Brass Round Lift Ring
5241   Brass Rowlock Plates (pair)
B8398   Brass Swivel Eye Snap Hook
0687   Brass Tee Joiner 10mm
0686   Brass Tee Joiner 8mm
P1134947   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/12oz #1
P1134948   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/12oz #1/0
P1134946   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/12oz #2
P1193167   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/12oz #4
P1123572   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/16oz #1
P1123573   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/16oz #1/0
P1123571   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/16oz #2
P1123570   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/16oz #4
P1123568   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/24oz #1
P1123569   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/24oz #1/0
P1123567   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/24oz #2
P1205387   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/24oz #2/0
P1123566   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/24oz #4
P1123564   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/32oz #1
P1123563   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/32oz #2
P1123562   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/32oz #4
P1123583   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/4oz #1
P1123584   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/4oz #1/0
P1123585   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/4oz #2/0
P1123580   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/6oz #1
P1123579   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/6oz #2
P1123582   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/6oz #2/0
P1123576   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/8oz #1
P1123577   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/8oz #1/0
P1123575   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/8oz #2
P1123578   BREAM PRO JIG HEAD 1/8oz #2/0
G28SPBR   Bream Tackle & Line Pack
0700   Breather Take Off Fitting
B3557   Bronze Ball Valve
B3513   Bronze Skin Fitting
4630   Bronze Strainer Scoop
B7230   Budget Fenders
0675   Budget Fuel Filter. Suit Mercury
0678   Budget Fuel Filter. Suit OMC
0752   Budget Fuel line Universal
B0760   Budget Fuel Lines
4779   Budget Pair Horizontal 6 Rod Racks
7505   Budget Ratchet Drive Jockey Wheels
4781   Budget Vertical 6 Rod Rack (Set)
1011   Burke 70L Crew Bag
B3023   Burke AUS 33 Smock
3013ASX   Burke Auto Inflatable 150N PFD
B3003   Burke Banks Jacket Blue/White
B3005   Burke Banks Trousers
B3006   Burke Bass Cb10 Jk
B0199   Burke Canvas Sailing Hat
B0191   Burke D Mesh Shoes
0998DL   Burke Deluxe Bosun's Chair
7212X   BURKE Elastic Safety Tether
B1025   Burke Fenders
3012sp1   Burke Inflatable Lifejacket Manual Recharge Kit
B0112A   Burke L100 PFD
B3001   Burke Large SP8W Sun Shirt
7531   Burke Lifebuoy Stowbag
B0114a   BURKE M50 PFD
3012ASX   Burke Manual Inflatable 150N PFD
B3007   Burke Pacific CB10 Jacket Red
B3008   Burke Pacific CB10 Trousers Red
B0193   Burke Quick Dry Hat
7211X   Burke Safety Line (2 Hook) For Harness
7213X   Burke Safety Line (3 Hook) For Harness
1017   Burke Sea Anchor 504mm
B1013   Burke Sea Anchors - Easy Stow
B0185   Burke Seaboots
1027   Burke Seabrake GP24
1028   Burke Seabrake GP30
B1019   Burke Sheet Bags
B0182AA   Burke Short Finger Leather Gloves
B3015   Burke Southerly Offshore Jacket
B3016   Burke Southerly Offshore Trousers
B3002   Burke Spray 24 Jacket
B3004   Burke Sunshirt Navy
B3022   Burke Super Dry 27 Trousers
B3020   Burke Super Dry 28 Jacket Blue
B3021   Burke Super Dry 3/4 Jacket
B0181AA   Burke Synthetic Leather Gloves
7530   Burke Throw Bag - 15M
9434   Burke Trapeze Harness With Buckle
B0186   Burke Wetsuit Boots
B0187   Burke Wetsuit Shoes
1001   Burke Yachtsman Gear Bag - Large
1002   Burke Yachtsman Gear Bag - Small
0278X   Burris Caribbean 7x50 Waterproof Binoculars
0279X   Burris Caribbean 7x50 Waterproof Binoculars with Compass
4848   Buss Bar
4849   Buss Bar
4853   Buss Bar
4855   Buss Bar
4856   Buss Bar
4858   Buss Bar
4859   Buss Bar Covered
8322   Butane Gas Refill Cannister
8320   Butane Soldering Kit
7030C   C Size - Duracell Copper Top Alkaline Batteries (2 Pack)
BCM5050X   C-Map 4D4D Charts
BCM5000X   C-Map 4DMX Charts
BCM4853X   C-Map Max - N Charts for Lowrance, Simrad and B&G
BCM4790X   C-Map Max Local
CM4800X   C-Map Max Wide Australia-wide MAU-M005
3242BX   C-Tek M100 12V Battery Charger
3242CX   C-Tek M200 12V Battery Charger
3242DX   C-Tek M300 12V Battery Charger
3242AX   C-Tek M45 12V Battery Charger
0666P   C.A.V. Conversion Element Kit
0665   C.A.V. Diesel Filter
0666   C.A.V. Replacement Filter Element
6825   Cabin Light 16 LED
6826   Cabin Light 16 LED
5403   Cabin Light 2 LED - White
5400   Cabin Light 3 LED
5402   Cabin Light 3 LED
5408   Cabin Light 3 LED
5409   Cabin Light 3 LED
2494   Cabin Light 30 LED Red/White Light
6258   Cable Clamp
B2474B   Cable Cover. Black
B2410A   Cable Glands
B2415   Cable Outlet
BM013   Cable Support P Clips
B0529A   Cable Tie Mount
B0495B   Cable Tie.
0496BB   Cable Ties - Black
0497BB   Cable Ties - Black
6362B   Canopy Deck Mount
7373   Canopy Deck Mount
6349   Canopy Deck Mount - Dark Grey
6362   Canopy Deck Mount - White
6351   Canopy Fitting Thumb Screw
7374   Canopy Side Mount
6357   Canopy Webbing Straps
4201   Cap Cord 280 mm
4200   Cap Strap 290 mm
5000   Captain Cap - White With Black Visor
7022   Captain Field's Parallel Rule
B7763   Captive Pin Halyard Shackle
B7740C   Captive Pin Shackles
3240   Carry Bag & Output Lead
6545   Carry Case for GPS
3647   Cast Stainless Bi-Fold Hinge (Pair)
B3641   Cast Stainless Lift Ring
B3601   Cast Stainless Strap Hinge - pair
8420   Catalyst For Polyester - 20mL
8421   Catalyst For Polyester - 40mL
8422   Catalyst For Polyester - 80mL
7560   Caulking Cotton (Per Metre)
2839   Caulking Gun - Skeleton
6295   Centre Consol
6855   Ceramic Knife
2626   Cevis Pin 1/2 x 1
2625   Cevis Pin 1/2 x 3/4
2620   Cevis Pin 3/16 x3/4
B8284   Chain Grab Hook - Stainless Steel
B8288   Chain Joiners - Stainless Steel
P1206822   CHALLENGER COMBO Flats n Finesse

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Boating & RV acquires Bias Boating Stores


December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

To shop online click here!

Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.