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B7118   Traveller Jacket & Trouser Set
5461   Tri Color 10Pole Lite-Folding
5631   Tridon Hose Clamp Nut Driver
B0780X   Trilux 33 Antifoul
8605   Triple Block, Swivel Head
2252   Trojan Hand Galley Pump
B1347   Trudesign Composite Ball Valves
4108x   True Spirit - Jessica Watson
7369   Tube End 22mm
7370   Tube End 25mm
B4346   Tube Holders - Narrow Base
B4340   Tube Holders - Wide Base
4415   Turn Button - Eyelet & Backing Plate
4413   Turn Button - Twist Lock Stud
4911   Twin Port Aerator Pump-Johnsn
7392   Twist-on Jib Hank for 3mm Wire
7394   Twist-on Jib Hank for 5.5mm Wire
9776   Two Hand Heavy Duty Pop Rivetter
5222   Two Piece Timber Oars
0276   Two Tone Ribber Carpet Blue
0272   Two Tone Ribber Carpet Grey
B1237   Two Way Valve
B7227   U Bolts for Swivel Bracket Jockey Wheels
P1142136   Uglystick Adult Wide Brim Hat
P1142404   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.05m SPIN 1-3kg
P1226934   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.20m SPIN 3-6kg
P1142405   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.35m SPIN 1-3kg
P1226935   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.35m SPIN 4-8kg
P1142373   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.65m Baitcast 4-6kg
P1214530   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.65m SPIN 4-7kg
P1142413   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.80m SPIN 2-4kg
P1214532   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 1.95m SPIN 6-10kg
P1142380   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 2.10m O/H 4-7kg
P1227093   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 1 piece 2.25m SPIN 2-5kg
P1142412   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 1.80m SPIN 4-8kg
P1285267   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 1.95m SPIN 1-3KG
P1285268   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 2.10m SPIN 1-3KG
P1142419   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 2.10m SPIN 2-4kg
P1142418   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 2.10m SPIN 2-5kg
P1214438   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 2.40m SPIN 6-8kg
P1142381   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 3.0m/ SPIN 6-10kg
P1152884   UGLYSTIK GOLD. 2 piece 3.60m SPIN 8-12kg
B2778   Ultimate Bow Stop Rollers
8573   Ultimate Wheelock
B3341X   Ultra 4Lt Antifoul
0934   UML Seaflash Auto Lifejacket Light
8309   Under Dash Cigarette Lighter Socket - Protective Cap
8316   Under Dash Double Cigarette Lighter Socket
7253   Underwater LED Light - Blue
7254   Underwater LED Light - Cool White
7252   Underwater LED Light - White
4449   UNi-PRO Uni-Mask Drop Sheet With Dispenser
4450   UNi-PRO Uni-Mask Drop Sheet Without Dispenser
1619   Universal Mount For Rocket Launcher
3437   Universal Sliding Seat Base
B7526   Upholstered Cushions - 300 x 1200mm
B7528   Upholstered Cushions - 400 x 1500mm
B7525   Upholstered Cushions 300 x 600mm
B7527   Upholstered Cushions 400 x 600mm
4632B   Upholstered Folding Seat
4632G   Upholstered Folding Seat
7848   Urethane Universal Tiller Extension Joint
4596A   V113192 Small Outboard Silencer
8445   Vaavud Smartphone wind meter
7360   Vacuum Cleaner
9141   Vacuum Cleaner
3525   Vegas Diamond
4759   Velcro Strips - 50mm
4780   Vertical 5 Rod Rack (Set)
5743   Vertical Tallon Stainless Loop
0944X   VHF Antenna 1.8 metres (6ft)
1101   Vinyl Cleaner/ Polish 473ml
B0096   Vinyl Letters & Numbers
4281   Viplas Gunwale Moulding
7290   Vision Light
2370B   Voltmeter, 8 to 18 Volts DC Black
2370   Voltmeter, 8 to 18 Volts DC White
1433   Waste Deck Coupling
1434   Waste Deck Coupling
1432   Waste Deck Fitting
2390   Water Level Gauge - Black
2373B   Water Pressure Kit 0 - 40 psi Black
2373   Water Pressure Kit 0 - 40 psi White
0520   Water Resistant Fuse Holder
0541   Water Resistent Connection Box
0542   Water Resistent Connection Box
2381B   Water Temperature Gauge Black
2381   Water Temperature Gauge White
2381SND   Water Temperature Sender
4049   Waterproof Book of Fishing Knots
BS158   Waterproof Joiners 4 pack
4045   Waterproof Notebook
6547   Waterproof Pouch Large
6546   Waterproof Pouch Small
5936X   Waterproof Remote Tp22,Tp32
4882   Waterproof Switch Box Large
4881   Waterproof Switch Box Medium
4880   Waterproof Switch Box Small
7033   Waterproof Torch
6556   Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case
1115   Waterproofing 650ml
2801X   Watersnake Asp T24 Trolling Motor
2819   Watersnake Quick Release Bow Bracket
B2810X   Watersnake Shadow DR Saltwater Bow Mount Series
2814X   Watersnake SWRT54/48 Saltwater Bow Mount series
2816X   Watersnake SWTSB54/54 12V Saltwater Bow Mount
B2804X   Watersnake Venom SXW Saltwater Transom Mount Series
1184   WD-40 Lubricant Spray 300g
B2927C   Weaatherfast PRI-COAT General Purpose Primer/Undercoat
b0839A   Weatherfast Brushing Thinner
B0890A   Weatherfast Marine Gloss Varnish
B0880A   Weatherfast Poly Clear Gloss
B0886A   Weatherfast Poly Clear Satin
B0768   Weatherfast Premium Timber Oil
B0316A   Weatherfast Satin Enamel, White.
b0840B   Weatherfast Spraying Thinner
6356   Webbing Saddle
4421   Webbing Side Release Buckle 25mm
4420   Webbing Side Release Buckle 50mm
6355   Webbing Snap Hook
3937   Weld On Trailer Clamp
2726   Weld On Trailer Clamp. Tube type
9763   Wera 3mm Stainless Steel Blade Screwdriver
2203   Whale 12V Pressure Switch
2202A   Whale Inline Pump
2198   Whale Small Non Return Valve - 13mm
B2761   Wheel Nut and Stud Kits
B2763   Wheel Nut Kits
4213   Whipping Twine - 90m Spool
1599   White 2 Rod Holder Rack
1600   White 3 Rod Holder Rack
6828   White 50 LED BAY15D Tower Bulb
7101   WHITE 9 LED Waterproof Floodlight
6716   White Access Hatch - 375 x 275mm
6717   White Access Hatch - 380 X 380mm
6718   White Access Hatch - 510 X 460mm
6719   White Access Hatch - 600 X 355mm
7037W   White Adjustable Drink Holder
2535   White Battery Tie-Downs
4329W   White Cap for Oval Top Rod Holder
4328W   White Cap for Rectangular Top Rod Holder
6824   White Dome Light
7037NSW   White Fixed Drink Holder
3062X   White Hand Flare
6788   White LED Courtesy Light
B7267   White Led Rail Light 12V
5463   White Led Stern Light
1187   White Lithium Grease
4275W   White Nylon Scoop Vent 95x80mm
7463   White Plastic 6 Rod Rack
4305   White Plastic Ducting Outlet
4306W   White Plastic Flush Vent - 90x90mm
3632W   White Plastic Pull Latch
7462   White Plastic Rod Rack
0879W   White Plastic Trim
B5117   White Polyester Lacing (VB Cord)
3402W   White SE Sport 300 Hydrofoil
4312   White Surface Mount Rod Holder
5724   White Tallon Classic Receivers - Pack of 2
5739   White Tallon Multi-Holders - Pack of 2
B5696   White Toilet Hose
4548W   White Trailer Reflector
8730   Wichard Folding Knife
8731   Wichard Folding Knife
8732   Wichard Folding Knife
10300   Wilson Vinyl Fish Measure Sticker
8749   Winch Handle Pocket
8750   Winch Handle Pocket
B2780   Winch Posts
8448   Wind Meter
6844   Windex Wind Indicators Large WX15
6843   Windex Wind Indicators WXD
4563   Wiper Arm - Pantographic
4565   Wiper Arm Standard
4562   Wiper Motor - Heavy Duty
0640X   Wired Remote Suit Gme Stereo
4268B   Wooden Dress Ring
B0213   Wooden Flag Staffs
3798   Wooden Paddle
1512   Woolube Grease Aerosol Can
1513   Woolube Grease Trigger Pack
5916X   WR20 Remote Commander System
2970XL   X Large Disposable Hooded Coveralls
BXLP-133X   XL Platinum +
g11p1449   XS Waterproof Case
B1359   Y Piece
7050CX   Yachting Australia Blue Book
7050DX   Yachting Australia Blue Book
6150X   Yamaha Interface Cable 4.5M
0757   Yamaha/Merc/Mariner Fuel Line Fitting
6302Y   Yellow Torpedo Ski Line Float
1502   Zenox Cold Galvanising Spray
B5358   Zinc Anodes, Block
B5283   Zinc Anodes, Block with Strap
B5263   Zinc Anodes, Propeller Shaft
B5278   Zinc Anodes, Rudder (Pair)

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Boating & RV acquires Bias Boating Stores


December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

To shop online click here!

Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.