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1505   Solar Shower
B7063X   Solarland 12V Solar Panels
BS253   Solder Joiners
0578   Soldering Iron 12v
7515   Solenoid Switch - 12V 200A
1338   Solenoid Valve For Vented Loop
B3066PX   Solenoids - Dual & Single Direction
B7235   South Pacific Horizontal Anchor Winches
7938X   SP Gadgets 19 inch Extendable POV Pole
7939X   SP Gadgets 36 inch Extendable POV Pole
2274   Spare Adjustable Pistol
6387A   Spare Aluminium Rod Holder
7576SP2   Spare Caliper Spring
9603   Spare Drain Plug Inner
9611W   Spare Drain Plug Inner
9614   Spare Drain Plug Inner
3928SP1   Spare Dust Covers
5037   Spare Filter Elements
1517SP1   Spare Label Set
8405   Spare Label Set
3997   Spare Winch Handle
B2880   Spark Plugs
2355B   Speedo 10 - 50 MPH (& 80kph) Black
2357B   Speedo 10 - 65 MPH (& 104kph) Black
2357   Speedo 10 - 65 MPH (& 104kph) White
2354B   Speedo 5 - 35 MPH (& 56kph) Black
2354   Speedo 5 - 35 MPH (& 56kph) White
6780X   Spill Over Control Valve
8874   Spinnaker Pole Brace Hook
B5691   Spiral PVC Hose
B523   Spiral Wrap
0609   Spk45-White Ext Speaker
0624   SPK600W Extension Speaker
2430   Splashproof 3 Way Switch
1519   Splashproof 6 Switch Panel With LED Indicator Lights
3156B   Splashwell Motor Connection Kit
B4229   Splicing Fid
B8293   Split Links - Galvanised
2502   Spotlite-Rubber Cased 100W 12V
B3630   Spring Loaded Rectangular Pressed S.S. Lift Ring
3436   Springfield Belle Adj. Seat Pedestal
3422   Springfield In Floor Extra Bases
3426   Springfield Plug-In Seat Pedestal
B2742   Square Galvanised U Bolts (Pair)
3844   Square LED 12V Trailer Lights
3610   Square Stainless Hinge
6390   Square Top Bungee Strap
B7599   SS Carbine Asymmetric Hook
B7588   SS Carbine Spring Hook materia
B7861   SS Eye & Eye Open Body Turnbuckle
B7851   SS Fork & Fork Open Body Turnbuckle
B7613   SS Offset Spring Snap Hook
B7592   SS Sleeved Carbine Hook
B2687   SS Swivel Bale Snap Shackle
B8463   STA-BIL Fuel Stabiliser
B8287   Stainles Steel Split Rings
B7569   Stainless 'S' Hook
5454LED   Stainless 12V Round LED Cockpit Lights
7069   Stainless 3 Rod Holder / Organiser
0449   Stainless 6deg Stanchion Triangular Base
2432SS   Stainless Anti Rattle Fastener
3638   Stainless Barrel Bolt
B7715   Stainless Bow Shackles
7522   Stainless Butterfly Vent
5455   Stainless Cockpit Lights.
7073   Stainless Cockpit Organiser
7637   Stainless Curved Base Eye Plate
B7741   Stainless Dee Shackle
4276   Stainless Double Louvre Vent
B3121   Stainless Fairleads
7702   Stainless Flat Shackle Key
7040   Stainless Folding Cup/Can Holder
4266   Stainless Grab Handle - 140mm
6297   Stainless Grab Rail
3587   Stainless Handrail Centre Base 22mm (7/8")
3588   Stainless Handrail End Base 22mm (7/8")
1008   Stainless Horseshoe Lifebuoy Holder
B5621   Stainless Hose Clamp
7072   Stainless Knife/Plier Caddy
1009   Stainless Lifebuoy Bracket - Rail Mount
1010   Stainless Lifebuoy Bracket - Rail Mount & Light Clips
1007   Stainless Lifebuoy U Bracket
B7729   Stainless Long Dee Shackle
B4247   Stainless Marine Padlocks
8875   Stainless Mast Tang
7585   Stainless Mini Sister Clip
B7676   Stainless Non Foul Jib Shackles
3643   Stainless Non Mortice Butts
4376   Stainless Ocky Strap Hook
B3109   Stainless Open Base Cleat
B3974   Stainless Outboard Motor Lock
B1811   Stainless Pop Rivet
1194   Stainless Rod Holder - Horizontal Rail Mount
1193   Stainless Rod Holder - Vertical Rail Mount
3636   Stainless Round Lift Ring
1616SS   Stainless Rowlock Mount Rod Holders (Pair)
B3201   Stainless Scoop Skin Fitting
4326   Stainless Scoop Vent - 45x41x12mm
4327   Stainless Scoop Vent - 55x55x14mm
B7707   Stainless Shackle Pin
4277   Stainless Sinlge Louvre Vent
B3522   Stainless Skin Fitting with Tail
8169   Stainless Spinnaker Pole End
9019   Stainless Spinnaker Pole Mast Ring. 50-65mm
9017   Stainless Spinnaker Pole Mast Ring. 64-76mm
9018   Stainless Spinnaker Pole Mast Ring. 70-85mm
7458   Stainless Split Cross Bollard
7459   Stainless Split Cross Bollard with Pin
4652   Stainless Spring Hatch Stay - 220mm
0445   Stainless Stanchion - 500mm (20")
0446   Stainless Stanchion - 610mm (24")
3682   Stainless Steel 2 Step Folding Ladder (Short Base)
B3195   Stainless Steel Ball Valve
2536   Stainless Steel Battery Tie-Downs
B3606   Stainless Steel Butt Hinge -pair
B1760   Stainless Steel Coachscrews
B8180   Stainless Steel Collared Eye Bolt
B2113   Stainless steel Cup Washers
6480   Stainless Steel Drink Bottle
B8080   Stainless Steel Eye Nut
B2174   Stainless Steel Flat Washers
3546   Stainless Steel Outboard Bracket - Spring Loaded
B7521   Stainless Steel Ring Bolts
B8084   Stainless Steel Screw With Eye
0964   Stainless Steel Signalling Mirror
B3183   Stainless Steel Skin Fitting
B5851   Stainless Steel Split Pins
B8184   Stainless Steel Standard Eye Bolt
B8121   Stainless Steel Thimbles
6360   Stainless Steel Tube - 22mm
6361   Stainless Steel Tube - 25mm
B2504   Stainless Steel U Bolt
B8092   Stainless Steel, Metric Thread Dome Nuts
2639   Stainless Stepped U Bolt - 10mm x 66mm
2638   Stainless Stepped U Bolt - 8mm x 63mm
8396   Stainless Swivel Eye Snap Hook
4262   Stainless Table Bracket
B7704   Stainless Twisted Shackle
4278   Stainless UFO Skylight Vent
0448   Stainless Vertical Stanchion Triangular Base
1198   Stainless Water Pickup For Electric Pump
1197   Stainless Water Pickup With Through Tube
4564   Stainless Wiper Blade
B2641   Stainless Wire Rope Grips
2437   Staiway Light
9110B   Stand Up Base Orbit 40 Rf2454
3429G   Stand Up Pro Seat
1024   Standard 26" Round Lifebuoy - White
BS145   Standard 3AG size Glass Fuse
6712   Standard Access Hatch Lid - 375x275mm
6713   Standard Access Hatch Lid With Box - 375x275
0107X   Standard Adult L 100 PFD
B0527-10   Standard Blade Fuse
B0587   Standard Grade Electrical Wire 2 B&S single core
B0590   Standard Grade Electrical Wire 8 B&S single core
0589   Standard Grade Electrical wire, 4mm Twin core
0108X   Standard PFD1 Child Lifejacket
B3620   Standard Rectangular Pressed S.S. Lift Ring
8777   Standard Winch Cover
3749   StaPlug Safety Plug
1104   Star*Tron Fuel Additive-237ml
5411S   Starboard Navigation Light
5431S   Starboard Navigation Light
5413X   Starboard Naviled Pro White
4673   Starbrite Bilge Pads
1163   Starbrite Utility Brush
1130A   Startron Diesel Add 473ML
1104A   StarTron Fuel Additive-473ml
4409   Stayput Fastener - Double Horizontal
4408   Stayput Fastener - Double Vertical
4412   Stayput Fastener - Single Canvas
4411   Stayput Fastener - Single Horizontal
4410   Stayput Fastener - Single Vertical
B1050   Stearns Pet PFD
6378   Steel Bow Roller - 195mm Stainless Steel
2441   Steering Cable
3151   Steering Helm Teleflex
6265   Steering Pully
6273   Steering Pully
6261   Steering Spring
2653   Steering Wheel Action
4751   Steering Wheel Cruiser
3147   Steering Wheel Racing
3148   Steering Wheel Racing
2652   Steering Wheel Sports
2648   Steering Wheel Storm
B3243AX   Sterling Pro Charge B
5417   Stern Light
5437   Stern Light
5418X   Stern Navilight Pro White
B0530A   Stick On Cable Mounts
0531   Stick On Cable Tie
4650   Sticker - Code Flags, Knots & Rigs
2472   Sticker - International Code Flags
4651   Sticker - ISAF Racing Signals
8491SP1   Stop Switch
1670CX   Stow N Go 160 Cover
9304   Strahl Beer Mug
9302   Strahl Champagne Flute
9303   Strahl Wine Goblet

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Boating & RV acquires Bias Boating Stores


December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

To shop online click here!

Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.