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B983   Plastic Strum Boxes
B4820   Plastic Tee Hose Joiner
3912   Plastic Trailer Light Board With 7 Pin Flat Plug
3912R   Plastic Trailer Light Board With 7 Pin Round Plug
9986   Plastic Trapeze Handle
4280   Plastic Two Piece Gunwale Moulding
4566   Plastic Wiper Blade
B1233   Plastic Y Valve Bulkhead Mount
4176   Plastimo 75 Offshore Flush Mount
4170   Plastimo Contest 101 Compass
4172   Plastimo Iris 100 Compass
4174   Plastimo Iris 50 Compass
4173   Plastimo Mini Contest 2 81mm Apparent card
4286   Plastimo Offshore 135 130mm Apparent card
4171   Plastimo Offshore 75 Compass
4175   Plastimo Offshore 75 Compass
4098   Plastimo Offshore 95 81mm Apparent card
4094   Plastimo Olympic 135 Compass
4095   Plastimo White Binnacle
1488   Plexus Plastic Cleaner & Polish - 368g Spray
2413   Plug & Socket
2576   Plug In Pole Light
2576LED   Plug In Pole Light LED
2414   Plug Only
2468   Plugs & Socket
2469   Plugs & Socket
1159   Pole Handle
B3625   Polished Brass Rectangular Lift Ring
0223   Polished Bronze Bell
0224   Polished Bronze Bell
B4965   Polyester covered Elastic Shock Cord
5099   Polyester Dock Line - Black 16mm
4989   Polyethylene Ski Line - 8mm
B8577B   Polyethylene Trailer Mudguards
B5112   Polypropylene Lacing (VB Cord)
B7500B   Port & Starboard Nav Lights
5411P   Port Navigation Light
5431P   Port Navigation Light
5413PX   Port Naviled Pro White Cover
0969   Portable Bilge Pump
2223X   Portable Gas Cooker
5456   Portable Navigation Lights
5457   Portable Navigation Lights
5458   Portable Navigation Lights
5459   Portable Navigation Lights
7081   Portable Navigation Lights
5456LED   Portable Navigation Lights LED
5459LED   Portable Navigation Lights LED
2286X   Pot Holders Top Force 10
2251   Potable Water Container
1221   Power Nozzle Aerator
1220   Power Stream Aerator
4852   Power Stud
4852C   Power Stud Cover
7479   Powerall Portable Power Bank
4050   Powerboat Handling Illustrated
7901x   Powerdive DeckSnorkel
7902x   Powerdive Double DeckSnorkel
7900x   PowerDive PowerSnorkel 12v Hookah
B0592B   Pre Made Battery Cables
3921R7   Pre-wired AirLock Trailer Lights
b3368AA   Prekote Undercoat
B8760   Premium Fuel Lines
1125   Premium Marine Polish 950ml
1124   Premium Marine Polish With Ptef 473ml
1123   Premium Polish With Ptef 397G
4416   Press Stud - Button
4418   Press Stud - Plate
4419   Press Stud - Plug
4417   Press Stud - Socket
P1283073   PREVAIL SURF 13' 10-15kg 3PC
0753   Primer Bulb
8753   Primer Bulb Premium
B1487   Protecta Multi-Purpose Grease
0211   Protest Flag
0982   Protractor & Parallel Rule
0513   Push/Pull Switch Brass
0514   Push/Pull Switch Brass 3 Position
M092   Push/Pull Switch Long Shank
B1201   PVC Ball Valve
B6453   PVC Dry Bags
4861   PVC Electrical Tape. Assorted.
4945   PVC Electrical Tape. Black
4945R   PVC Electrical Tape. Red
B7117   PVC Jacket & Trouser Set
3944   PVC Trailer Fender Strip
4005   PVC Winch Handle Pocket
4060Q   QLD Tide Guide
3927   Quad Wobble Roller Bracket
4101   Queensland Fish Guide
3903   Quick Connect Wire Clips
0194   Quick Dry Sailing Cap
7698   Quick Lift Anchor Device
6510   Quick Lift Rod Holder Mount
1229   Qwik-Lock 3/4" 90 Degree Skin Fitting Black
1228   Qwik-Lock 3/4" Skin Fitting Black
1228W   Qwik-Lock 3/4" Skin Fitting White
1227   Qwik-Lok 3/4" 90 Degree Elbow Socket
1226   Qwik-Lok 3/4" Straight Socket
1230   Qwik-Lok Drain Plug
1232   Qwik-Lok Screw On Strainer
1231   Qwik-Lok Snap-in Strainer
B7157XS   Race Boot
8251   Racing Dinghy Nylon Gooseneck
0680   Racor Fuel Filter
0681   Racor Replacement Element
7414   Raider Carpet Black
7413   Raider Carpet Blue
7415   Raider Carpet Dark Grey
7411   Raider Carpet Light Grey
4657   Rail Mount Bracket
1097   Rain View
6154   Ram Mount To suit Lowrance and Humminbird.
6197   RAM Mount to Suit Lowrance HDS
7146   Ratchet Tiedown Protection Pad
4453x   Raymarine A67 Multi-Function Combo
4436X   Raymarine A68 Multi-Function CHIRP DownVision Combo
4429WX   Raymarine A77 Multi-Function Combo + WiFi
4430X   Raymarine A78 Multi-Function CHIRP DownVision Combo
4430WX   Raymarine A78 Multi-Function CHIRP DownVision Combo + WIFI
4500x   Raymarine Adjustable In-Hull Transducer 600W
4487CX   Raymarine B258 1Kw Thru Hull Stem Transducer
4750x   Raymarine B60 Bronze through hull transducer
4462x   Raymarine Bronze Thru-Hull 12 Tilted Element 600W
4461x   Raymarine Bronze Thru-Hull 20 Tilted Element 600W
4487ax   Raymarine Bronze Thru-Hull 600W Trans + Fairing
4744x   Raymarine C125 Multi-Function Chart-plotter
4745x   Raymarine C127 Multi-Function Combo
4742X   Raymarine C95 Multi-Function Chart-plotter
4743X   Raymarine C97 Multi-Function Combo
4743BX   Raymarine C97 Multi-Function Combo Bundle
4541x   Raymarine CAM100 Marine Camera
4540x   Raymarine CAM50 Marine Dome Camera
B4756x   Raymarine CHIRP Transducers to suit CP450C (4754x)
B4435X   Raymarine CP100 Sonar with CHIRP DownVision
B4545X   Raymarine CP200 CHIRP SideVision Sonar
4754x   Raymarine CP450C CHIRP Broadband Sonar Module
4741X   Raymarine Digital Radome Antenna RD418D
4440X   Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar/GPS (inc Navionics Gold)
4439X   Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Sonar/GPS (no Chart)
RAY-A80223   Raymarine Dragonfly Flush mount kit A80223
4467X   Raymarine Dragonfly Sonar/GPS no Chart
4466X   Raymarine Dragonfly Sonar/GPS with Gold Chart
4520X   Raymarine e125 Multifunction Display Plotter
4521X   Raymarine e127 Multifunction Display Combo
4493BX   Raymarine e7 Multifunction Display Plotter & Radome Bundle
4493X   Raymarine e7 Multifunction Display Plotter + Silver Chart
4494X   Raymarine e7D Multifunction Display Combo
4495X   Raymarine e95 Multifunction Display Plotter
4496X   Raymarine e97 Multifunction Display Combo
4518x   Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-100 Power
4761bx   Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-100 Tiller
4763BX   Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-100 Wheel
4765BX   Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-200 Hydraulic
4766BX   Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-200 Linear
4764BX   Raymarine Evolution Autopilot EV-200 Sport
B4764BX   Raymarine Evolution Autopilots
RAY-A46053   Raymarine Flush mount Kit
4741HDX   Raymarine HD Colour Radome Scanner RD418HD
B4724X   Raymarine i40 Sea Talk Instruments
B4728X   Raymarine i50 & i60 Sea Talk Instruments
4537X   Raymarine i70 Depth/Speed/Temp Transducer
4539X   Raymarine i70 Multifunction Colour Display
4721X   Raymarine Instrument Pack
4486X   Raymarine P319 Thru Hull Transducer
4485AX   Raymarine P58 Transducer
4477X   Raymarine P66 Transducer
B4767x   Raymarine P70 & P70R Autopilot Control Heads
4452x   Raymarine Ray49E VHF Marine Transceiver
4454x   Raymarine Ray55E full featured compact VHF Radio
4538AX   Raymarine RJ45 to RJ45 Crossover Coupler
4464x   Raymarine RS130 GPS Receiver with ST(ng) / NMEA 2000
4516X   Raymarine S100 Wireless Remote
B4733X   Raymarine Sea Talk Instrument Accessories
4517X   Raymarine SmartController Wireless Remote
4474X   Raymarine ST1000 Plus Tiller Autopilot
4475X   Raymarine ST2000 Plus Tiller Autopilot
RAY-R70149   Raymarine Suncover to suit A65/A67
B4522X   Raymarine TH Series Handheld Thermal Cameras
4488disx   Raymarine Transom Mount Transducer 1 kW
4488x   Raymarine Transom Mount Transducer 1000W
4491X   RCU - 3 Remote
7282   Rectangular Cabin Light Silver
3845   Rectangular LED 12V Trailer Lights
B4317   Rectangular Top 30 Degree Plastic Rod Holder
B4321   Rectangular Top 90 Degree Plastic Rod Holder
6828R   Red 50 LED BAY15D Tower Bulb
3061X   Red Hand Flare
2416   Red Key Only
B6786R   Red LED strip lights
1079RX   Red Manual Inflatable
3063X   Red Parachute Flare
7399   Red Poly Bow Blocks
6302R   Red Torpedo Ski Line Float
4548R   Red Trailer Reflector
B4830   Reducing Joiner
B5316   Reef Anchors - Folding
B5308   Reef Anchors - Standard
1158   Reef Runner Large Bait Box
1157   Reef Runner Small Bait Box

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Boating & RV acquires Bias Boating Stores


December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

To shop online click here!

Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.