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S032   Eye Terminal
7429   EZI-LOADER - Launch & Retrieve Set
3485X   EziGuide Boat Loader EG8
3486X   EziGuide Boat Loader EG10
3487X   EziGuide Boat Loader EG11
3488X   EziGuide Boat Loader EG13
7696   Ezy Lift Anchor Float - Large Clip
7695   Ezy Lift Anchor Float - Small Clip
7694   Ezy Lift Anchor Line - Large Clip
7693   Ezy Lift Anchor Line - Small Clip
7051   Family First Aid Kit, 126 Pieces
4083   Fast Handling Sail Techniques
2630   Fast Pin T/S Rf2331
B1316   Female BSP to Female BSP Converter
S009   Female Push On Conector
S017   Female Push On Conector
B7428   Fender Basket - Heavy Duty
B7447   Fender Basket - Stainless Steel
7457   Fender Basket Joining Clamp
7456   Fender Basket Rail Clamp
B8561   Fender Covers
B1407   Fiamma BiPot Portable Toilets
0826A   Fibreglass Chopped Mat - 0.5m x 0.5m
0826   Fibreglass Chopped Mat - 1m x 1m
0850   Fibreglass Cloth - 1M Wide, 6oz
1114   Fibreglass Colour Restorer
0845   Fibreglass Tape 50mm (2")
9039   Fiddle Block, Hollow Rivet Top
9089   Fiddle Block, V-jam Cleat, Hollow Rivet Top
6856   Filleting Knife - Floating
4268A   Finger Catch
BG24F04150   Fins Original PRT Superline Braid
G24F50300   FINS SUPERLINE 50lbX300yd GRN
0930   Fire Blanket - 1M x 1M
P1235697   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 1.5kg 135m
P1235705   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 10kg 135m
P1235715   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 10kg 300m
P1235706   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 14kg 135m
P1235716   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 14kg 300m
P1235699   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 2.5kg 135m
P1235698   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 2kg 135m
P1235700   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 3kg 135m
P1235701   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 4kg 135m
P1235711   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 4kg 300m
P1235702   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 5kg 135m
P1235712   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 5kg 300m
P1235703   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 6kg 135m
P1235713   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 6kg 300m
P1235704   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 7.5kg 135m
P1235714   FIRELINE CRYSTAL 7.5kg 300m
P1235677   FIRELINE ORANGE 1.5kg 135m
P1235685   FIRELINE ORANGE 10kg 135m
P1235695   FIRELINE ORANGE 10kg 300m
P1235686   FIRELINE ORANGE 14kg 135m
P1235696   FIRELINE ORANGE 14kg 300m
P1235679   FIRELINE ORANGE 2.5kg 135m
P1235678   FIRELINE ORANGE 2kg 135m
P1235680   FIRELINE ORANGE 3kg 135m
P1235681   FIRELINE ORANGE 4kg 135m
P1235691   FIRELINE ORANGE 4kg 300m
P1235682   FIRELINE ORANGE 5kg 135m
P1235692   FIRELINE ORANGE 5kg 300m
P1235683   FIRELINE ORANGE 6kg 135m
P1235693   FIRELINE ORANGE 6kg 300m
P1235684   FIRELINE ORANGE 7.5kg 135m
P1235694   FIRELINE ORANGE 7.5kg 300m
2265   First Aid Sign
6851   Fish Smoker
1626   Fish-n-Bait Board
B8383-8   Fisherman's Waders
4061   Fishing Baits & Rigs
4129   Fishing Guide - Sydney To Hawkesbury
4064   Fishing Knots & Rigs
B2842C   Fix8 Structural Grade Silicone
6965   Fixed Bar Buckle
B2684   Fixed Eye Stainless Snap Shackle
7371   Fixed Jaw Coupling 22mm
7372   Fixed Jaw Coupling 25mm
B2840W   Fixtech FixSeal All Purpose Adhesive Sealant 290ml
0214   Flag Staff Socket
TT3   Flambeau T3 MultiloaderTackle Box
3064X   Flare Kit (Under 8M) - 2xRed 2xOrange Flares
2264   Flares Sign
0555   Flat Bracket
5243   Flat Mount Chromed Rowlock Plates
2442F   Flat Mount Hatch Fastener
6775X   Flat' Plate Classic Compact Kit
6776X   Flat' Plate Classic Compact Kit
6777X   Flat' Plate Classic Compact Kit
6778X   Flat' Plate Classic Compact Kit
G28SPFL   Flathead Tackle & Line Pack
6785   Flexible 15Led Chart Light
0549   Flexible Terminal Strips
0551   Flexible Terminal Strips
B2282   Flexible Water Tank
B0195   Flinders Leather Boat Shoes
3428   Flip Top Seat
6032X   FLIR MS-224B Hand Held Thermal Camera
7298   Fluorescent Work Light
7300SP1   Fluro Tube Only
4811   Flush Type Plastic Cupboard Catches
4239   Foam Hatch Seal Tape - 6mm x 18mm
3411   Fold Down Moulded Seat
3409BG   Fold Down Padded Seat - Blue and Grey
3410   Fold Down Padded Seat - Blue and White
3412   Fold Down Padded Seats - Grey & Charcoal
3675   Foldaway Bucket. 11 Litre
7077   Folding Drink Holder Twin Pack
7071   Folding Hook Rack
5460   Folding Pole Light
5462   Folding Pole Light
7502   Folding Pole Light
5460LED   Folding Pole Light LED
5462LED   Folding Pole Light LED
2461   Foot Galley Pump
3465   Foot Pump Large
1676   FORCE10 Marine Barbecue Rod Holder Mount
1674   FORCE10 Marine Barbecue Side Rail Mount
1675   FORCE10 Marine Barbecue Top Rail Mount
1677   FORCE10 Small Reversible Solid Grill Plate
B2304X   Force10 Trim Kits
B7856   Fork & Fork Full Body Turnbuckle
S012   Fork Terminal
BFBUXOT0830   Frogleys Black O Ring Tips
BFBPOT0620   Frogleys Black O Ring Tips
0630   FRONT SUN COVER TO SUIT GX600, GX300, GR200
4671B   Fuel & Oil Absorber - Bilge Sausage Large
4671   Fuel & Oil Absorber - Bilge Sausage Small
4681   Fuel Breather 90
6139   Fuel Breather Straight
6141   Fuel Breather Straight
6140B   Fuel Breather Straight Plastic Black
6140W   Fuel Breather Straight Plastic White
0712   Fuel Hose 10mm
0710   Fuel Hose 8mm
2389   Fuel Level Gauge - Black
2380B   Fuel Level Gauge Black
2380   Fuel Level Gauge White
2380SND   Fuel Level Sender
5036   Fuel Line Filter
5039   Fuel Pickup for universal tanks
0661   Fuel Tank End Fitting. Tohatsu
7387   Fuel Tank Filler Hose
0662   Fuel Tank Fitting - Hose End. Tohatsu
0746C   Fuel Tank Fitting. Honda
0747B   Fuel Tank Fitting. Mercury '99 On
0716   Fuel Tank Fitting. Mercury Old Style
0717   Fuel Tank Fitting. OMC
0659   Fuel Tank Fitting. Suzuki
0660   Fuel Tank Fitting. Suzuki
0718   Fuel Tank Fitting. Yamaha/Merc/Mariner
BFFTPACKOH   Fuji O Ring Tip Repair Kits
6749   Full Cover Inspection Port Black
6748   Full Cover Inspection Port White
6028x   Furuno 1670 GPS Chartplotter
B6029X   Furuno 1670F Combo
B6031x   Furuno 1870F Combo
6015BX   Furuno 520-5MSD Bronze Thru Hull Transducer
6015PX   Furuno 520-5PSD Thru Hull Transducer
6018X   Furuno 520-IHD Transducer
6017BX   Furuno 525STMSD Bronze thru Hull Tansducer
6016PX   Furuno 525STPWD Transducer
6014X   Furuno 525T-PWD Transducer
B6003X   Furuno FCV-587 FishFinder
6003X   Furuno FCV-587 FishFinder With 50/200 Transom Transducer
B6004X   Furuno FCV-627 FishFinder
6011x   Furuno GP-33 GPS
6020X   Furuno M1623 16nm Radar with 10m Cable
6021X   Furuno M1623 16nm Radar with 20m Cable
6022X   Furuno M1715 24nm Radar with 10m Cable
6023X   Furuno M1715 24nm Radar with 20m Cable
6019BX   Furuno PRO TMD SS Transom Mount Bracket
6019AX   Furuno TM258 1Kw Transducer
6013X   Furuno TM260 1kW Transom Mount Transducer
4568A   Fuse Block
4568B   Fuse Block
4270   Fynspray Brass Sump Pump
2245   Fynspray Flipper Pump
4273B   Fynspray Pump
0941x   G-Dek Analog AM/FM White
B0941X   G-Dek Marine Entertainment System
2734   Galvanised Axle pad (pair)
B7566   Galvanised Trailer Hub
B3805   Galvanised Trailer Springs. Slipper end.
3751   Galvanised Wire Rope Grip
BFBK01   Gamakatsu Bait Keeper Hooks
BFBB30   Gamakatsu Big Bait Hooks
BFOCB01   Gamakatsu Black Octopus Hooks
BFGS01   Gamakatsu Gangster Offset Eye Hooks
BFIOS4X40   Gamakatsu Inline Octopus 4XS Straight Eye Hooks
BFLB01   Gamakatsu Live Bait Hooks
BFOCC01   Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hooks
BFWM01   Gamakatsu Red Worm Hooks
FTHR4050   Gamakatsu Twin Hook Rig 4/0 - 5/0
FTHR5060   Gamakatsu Twin Hook Rig 5/0 - 6/0
FTHR6070   Gamakatsu Twin Hook Rig 6/0 - 7/0
FTHR7080   Gamakatsu Twin Hook Rig 7/0 - 8/0
BFTHR2030   Gamakatsu Twin Hook Rigs
BG1020RX   Garmin G2 Vision Regular
BG1010SX   Garmin G2 Vision Small

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Boating & RV acquires Bias Boating Stores


December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

To shop online click here!

Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.