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679x679 Offshore Hatch Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 507 x 507mm Lewmar Low Profile Round Hatch
679x679 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $759.00

Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 377 x 507mm Bomar Nibo Alloy Hatch Bomar Black Poly Hatch 489 x 489mm

559x559 Offshore Hatch Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 421 x 421mm Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 327 x 457mm
559x559 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $539.00

429x559 Offshore Hatch 474x474 Offshore Hatch 379x509 Offshore Hatch
429x559 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $489.00
474x474 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $489.00
379x509 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $469.00

191x449 Opening Portlight Bomar Black Poly Hatch 414 x 414mm Bomar Black Poly Hatch 445 x 318mm
191x449 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $442.00

Lewmar Elliptical Opening Portlight 193x652 Opening Portlight 176x425 Opening Portlight
193x652 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $369.00
176x425 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $359.00

Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 260 x 260mm 191x367 Opening Portlight 193x453 Opening Portlight
191x367 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $309.00
193x453 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $299.00

254x399 Offshore Hatch 180x425 Opening Portlight 312x312 Offshore Hatch
254x399 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $289.00
180x425 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $279.00
312x312 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $269.00

Bomar Black Poly Hatch 225 x 225mm Bomar White Poly Hatch 225 x 225mm 176x323 Opening Portlight
176x323 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $257.00

193x368 Opening Portlight 180x315 Opening Portlight 228x314 Offshore Hatch
193x368 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $249.00
180x315 Opening Portlight
Our Price: $249.00
228x314 Offshore Hatch
Our Price: $245.00


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December 14, 2016 - For those of you who don't know Boating & RV acquired three of the Bias Boating stores back in 2014 to expand on our original store located in Capalaba, which include the Slacks Creek, Tingalpa and Townsville stores. Our brand has been growing better & stronger everyday and we have helped to serve thousands of happy customers with all of their boating, sailing, trailer & caravan needs.

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Please note: Boating & RV is a separate company that is not affiliated with any former Bias Boating operations, as such any outstanding Bias Boating orders or vouchers cannot be redeemed, returned or refunded through Boating & RV.